Why Meditate In a Pyramid ?

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Since I was a child I’ve always wondered about Pyramids, especially as my school teachers could never satisfactualy answer my queries and questions, and I never was¬†happy with the theories I was told¬†on how they were built, it was almost like I had an inner knowing that there was more to them.¬†It wasn’t until the¬†90’s that literature was being published on the studies of the¬†Great Pyramids of Egypt by people like Graham Hancock and Christopher Dunn, which I read and studied with great interest. It was during this time that I discovered¬†the possibility that the Pyramids were being used for different purposes as no bodies have actually been found inside them to be used as just tombes¬†, I began to hear about Power Plant theories for producing electricity, the use for¬†meditation and¬†the possibility of them being ¬†Acoustic Healing Chambers, now this made more sense than them just being burial chambers!¬†¬†My partner and¬†I decided to build our¬†very own scaled down version of the Giza Pyramid which we did very crudely, to our surprise we noticed a certain energy within in ten minutes of sitting inside it, my crown began to tingle and I could feel energy shooting down my arms, Wow! now this made us want to get one made sticking to the exact measurements and Sacred Geometry which we did.¬†It wasn’t until we did this and left it up in our front room that we began to feel the energy and the¬†feel of our house change, even our dog Hunny liked laying in it, she has had more compliments these past few months than ever with her soft coat and youthful ways even though she is now 10. As I began to meditate in it more regularly I began to drift off and clear my mind more quickly than normal and also began to¬†feel myself shifting in dimensions, I literally felt like I was floating through the floor, to my surprise I was seeing Sacred Geometry Patterns and beautiful colours that¬†the human eye doesn’t normally see in our spectrum, kind of like the colours you would see in Astral. Sometimes I just sit in¬†the pyramid and¬†read or¬†answer my emails, it always leaves me feeling more relaxed and energised.¬†After coming across some Russian Pyramid Research we began to charge water within the Pyramid for 4 or 5 days, although the longer the better, we began to drink the water throughout the day, I found myself almost getting rid of my migraines and headaches which I used to suffer from alot and it also helped to clear my sinus which I was having troubles with at the time,¬†I shall continue to meditate in the Pyramid to remove this entirely.¬†I now drink more water than anything else and I find I can taste the difference from normal filtered¬†tap or mineral water, to me it’s like the water seems to be more fluid or wetter if that makes any sense. After we had our first batch of Pyramids made we took one round to our good friends at Avebury Heart Centre where they run meditation groups and Sound baths on the Full Moon and Half Moon, the Pyramid was set up in the meditation room for a few hours before it was due to start and that evening the group had a very strong meditation¬†( not that there isn’t a great feeling in there from all the great and¬†Sacred work that they do)¬†and the energy was¬†noticeably different in the¬†room, almost everyone reported a great feeling and great meditation in general. It is my belief that these Pyramids improve the Divine connection and enable the mind to clear quicker leaving you with this beautiful sensation of feeling one with all. We also took a Pyramid round to an artist and cartoonist friend of ours to use for a while, he reported after laying in it for¬†a period each day in his studio¬†he was inspired to draw and write more prolifically ¬†than ever and has ideas constantly pouring in and is now working on new projects, I too can’t wait to write and compose music in ours as that’s my passion. In my¬†experience Meditation Pyramids promote Health, Healing and Happiness and a sense of well being not to mention the benefits of using them for pets,¬†charging food, water and plants.

For more information click to read our article on Pyramid Research and Facts.

We hope that you find  this information useful and insightful and will endeavour to update you on our progress at Illumination Studio, thank you for taking the time out to read this article, Love and Peace.

Our First homemade Pyramid, not quite the sacred proportions but it still worked although not to the strength that it should have done.


Our final manufactured Pyramid with the sacred proportions, works so much better.






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