Wedding Blessings and renewal of vows


A ceremony to celebrate loving one another through a wedding is recognised in all faiths and cultures.  Love is the joyous union of two people saying I love you and wish to spend my life with you. As minister I will support you in creating a ceremony from your hearts, filled with love, sharing, celebration and joy.  Blessings, renewal of vows, same sex marriages, a private ceremony for just the two of you, or you may even wish to acknowledge your relationship without making it legal, a commitment ceremony with love and that personal touch.

Also as an Interfaith Minister I can respect varying beliefs at this important time, bridging the traditions of different religions for you as a couple. Interfaith marriages/blessings/renewal of vows can be created to honour both. A unifying celebration of two people and two faiths at the same time. This kind of celebration can also be held in many places outdoors, your favourite location (with permission), abroad, or you may wish to hold something small within your home.

We offer an initial consultation a getting to know each other and discuss the possibility of creating your service together.  It is important that if you have fixed dates in mind, this is discussed too, to ensure availability.
Once we have agreed our working together we will explore some questions looking at your beliefs around getting married/your religion or faith, your expectations of your relationship and if you have any clear ideas for your ceremony.   We will work together to interpret the unwritten vows between you both .  Your ceremony will then be created uniquely for you, using your meaningful words, prayers, songs/hymms to honour your values and beliefs.

What about the legal element? A wedding or civil partnership ceremony has a legal component. The law currently stands in England and Wales that you would need to use the services of a Registrar to make the marriage legal. In Scotland , Interfaith Ministers can also do the legal element of a marriage ceremony.   However, as many couples choose, they keep this aspect of the wedding to a brief minimum and separate from the celebration and blessing, saving the taking of personal vows and exchanging of rings for the service that we perform. 

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