Live Your Light – Spiritual Counselling


“You can come to God, Dressed for Dancing or be carried on a stretcher To God’s ward”
― Hafiz


Spiritual Counselling – unlike traditional counselling it starts from the premise that in truth, we are all whole, a divine reflection. Time spent in Spiritual Counselling is to allow the one seeking support to look at what is preventing them realising the deeper spiritual Truth of their wholeness and through that realisation we can start to drop the patterns and defences that manifest as difficulties in their life supporting them in developing a more direct personal experience of Self/ God/Truth, so that their capacity for love, compassion and kindness, particularly towards themselves may be greatly amplified. Common to all counselling it is completely confidential and my Spiritual Counselling is monitored by attending supervision with an ordained, experienced spiritual counsellor.

My Interfaith ministry is self supporting in the sense that it is not funded by any formal structure or organisation. Consequently, there is a fee for pre-arranged formal or semi-formal services, with the proviso that no one will be turned away due to inability to pay. And in situations where there is a deep and spontaneous need to speak to a minister, perhaps in response to a personal crisis, or a moral or emotional dilemma, such services are freely and lovingly given.



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