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There are modern pyramids and few people in this country are aware of the gigantic building project that has been going on in the former Soviet Union for over 10 years. In 1989, Alexander Golod from Moscow, now the Director of a Russian State Defence Enterprise, started building large fibreglass pyramids mainly in Russia and the Ukraine. He believed the pyramids produced a unique energy field that has an effect on biological and non-biological materials. To test his theory, over the following 10 years he built 17 large fibreglass pyramids in Russia and the Ukraine. To give you an idea of the size, the largest of these pyramids is 144 feet high, weighs over 55 tons, and cost over a million dollars to build.


In the 1960’s and 70’s, the term pyramid power implied that some unknown force was at work in pyramids preserving food, sharpening razor blades, and helping people to meditate. The first book ever published on pyramid power was in the early 1970’s by Dr. Patrick Flanagan. His pioneering work set the stage for future research and scientific studies. You never know what to expect with these pyramids. Soon after the construction of this pyramid near Moscow, botanists noticed extinct flowers starting to grow near it. It is unknown why this has happened and has mystified botanists. One of the most interesting observations regarding these pyramids comes from Russian Air Force “Radar” (or “Locator” as they call it). The first indication that the pyramids were producing strange atmospheric effects was when the 144 foot or largest pyramid was in the process of being built. The planned pyramid would be composed of 30 main layers or sections of fibreglass. At the completion of the 11th section, Air Force radar picked up an ion column coming right off the pyramid. This ion column was very large and in fact was over 1 mile high.


This picture below is of the Bosnian pyramid, we’re just using it to show a possible beam that comes out of the top.


This picture above is of the Bosnian pyramid, we're just using it to show a possible beam that comes out of the top.


The research conducted in these large fibreglass pyramids was coordinated and carried out by the following institutions in Russia and the Ukraine. RUSSIAN NATIONAL ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES and affiliate institutes: Ivanovskii Institute of Virology Mechnikov Vaccine Research Institute Russian Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology OTHER ACADEMIC AND INDUSTRIAL INSTITUTES Institute of Physics in the Ukraine Graphite Scientific Research Institute Scientific and Technological Institute of Transcription, Translation & Replication Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics.

Areas of research included medicine, ecology, agriculture, chemistry and physics. What is significant about this work is that this may be the first time that changes brought about by pyramids have been scientifically measured and documented. Medical Research Professor Klimenko and Dr. Nosik at the Ivanovskii Institute of Virology, which is part of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, studied the effect of these pyramids on molecules involved with immunity. These molecules, which we all have in our body, are called immunoglobulins. They fight infections, viruses, and bacteria that may enter our body. These researchers took a specific kind of immunoglobulin (called venoglobulin) and placed it in the pyramid for several days. They wanted to see if the pyramids effect would change the ability of this molecule to help fight harmful viruses in the body. Then, they obtained a specific virus (encephalomyocarditis) from a mouse. They placed both the immunoglobulin and this virus together in a culture (a dish with nutrients). They also had a control group. That is, they placed immunogobulins that had NOT been placed in the pyramid with the mouse virus. The results showed that the immunoglobulin that WAS placed in the pyramids inhibited the viruses by more than 3 times. This was a significant result and shows that the immunoglobin was affected by being placed in the pyramids. This could have an important potential for strengthening the bodies immune system against viruses. Another medical study involved Prof. A. G. Antonov’s team from the Russian R&D Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology. They investigated the influence of solutions of glucose given intravenously (by injection) and also distilled water (taken orally) to newborns after exposing the glucose and water in the pyramid. The patients were 20 newborns with low indexes (a measurement of the health of the baby). They gave some of the newborns glucose intravenously and some distilled water orally after placing these solutions in the pyramid. All the newborns given these solutions increased their indexes to normal as opposed to the control groups. A psychiatric study included experiments on 5000 prisoners in a Russian jail. Certain inmates were administered solutions that had been placed in the pyramids. In a short time most violent behavior disappeared within this group as compared to a control group. Other studies with people of alcoholism and drug addiction have shown that if they are given glucose intravenously or distilled water orally, which had been placed in a pyramid, significant improvement is made in combating their addiction. The results show the effect pyramids may have on mental processes. The medical results would have a huge impact on our health care all over the world. To be able to strengthen the bodies’ immune system against diseases would be a big step towards preventive medicine. This would not only allow the average person to be more healthy, but especially individuals fighting certain diseases and illnesses can strengthen their immune system to help get well faster and more efficiently. Also, elderly people have a decline in their immune system and this could play an important factor in keeping them healthy longer and leading more productive lives.

We should also not miss the applications to Veterinary Medicine and the care of animals. One study not discussed above is the applications to pharmaceuticals. It was shown that pharmaceuticals exposed to the pyramids appear to be more effective and with less side affects. We could all appreciate this aspect of medicine. We also saw results that the pyramids could have on the behavior of individuals. It seems our society succeeds poorly in rehabilitating criminals and this may be a method that could be explored. Also, its use in combating drug and alcohol additions would be very useful in our society today. We must be careful here because we are talking about behavior modification and this raises important questions. Who is determining what the behavior should be and who is controlling it? Can this be used to control behavior in certain parts of the population? Again these questions need to be asked and explored. A very important factor is that for many of these results to occur, the person does not need to be actually in the pyramids. Drinking water placed in the pyramids seems to produce this effect also. In addition, as seen with the newborn studies, intravenously administered glucose solutions after pyramid exposure also produce similar results. This is very important for the application of these results since everyone cannot go to Moscow to be in these pyramids or build their own large pyramid in their backyard. Agricultural Studies Over 20 different varieties of seeds were placed in a pyramid from 1 to 5 days. Thousands of seeds were sown. The results show that there was an increase in crop yield 20 to 100 % depending on the seeds. The crops were very healthy and when a drought occurred, it did not affect the crops. Even the amount of toxiferous matters in plants was measured and shown to be decreased sharply. An interesting statistic showed the yield of wheat in a field right near the 12 meter pyramid built in the settlement Ramenskoe of the Moscow region increased four times after the pyramid was built. Oil Production and Analysis A small group of pyramids were built on an oil well complex in southern Russia (Bashkiria). After a short period of time, it was observed that the viscosity (thickness) of the oil decreased by 30 % and the production rate of the wells increased. Chemical analysis showed that the petroleum composition (amount of gums, pyrobitumen and paraffin) in the oil was altered. Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas confirmed these results. Environmental “Locator technicians” or what we call “radar” picked up a large column on their radar near the 144-foot pyramid. Visual observations revealed nothing. Closer inspection revealed that this column was coming off the pyramid and was several miles high and about a half a mile wide. They were not sure what kind of field it was but conjectured it was some kind of ionized column. Using radar, the “Scientific and Technological Institute of Transcription, Translation and Replication” in Kharkiv, Ukraine confirmed what they called an ionic formation up to 2000 meters. above the pyramid and a width of 500 meters. They described this field as ionization of air. An upward flow of the air over the pyramid was also noted. Several months after the building of this pyramid, Russian environmentalists noticed that a large hole in the ozone layer in the atmosphere above this pyramid was starting to repair itself. Did the energy column coming off this pyramid cause this? It is extremely interesting to note that Alexander Golod predicted this would happen before he built that pyramid. Statistics have shown that seismic activity diminishes in areas where pyramids are built. It has been shown that instead of one powerful earthquake occurring, hundreds of tiny ones occur instead. The level of toxicity of materials including poisons after having had been placed in a pyramid decreases. Also waste radioactive materials show a decrease in radioactivity after being placed in a pyramid. Miscellaneous Studies Other experiments included placing distilled water inside the pyramid during three months of winter. The water did not freeze even though the water temperature reached -38 degrees centigrade. When the vessel with water was shaken up or hit, crystallization inside the vessel started and the water quickly turned to ice. Other results showed that after exposure in the pyramids, the half-life of carbon was altered, the structure of salt patterns changed, the strength properties of concrete varied and the optical behavior of crystals was altered. A group of researchers from the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute, Moscow examined the effect of a pyramid on an electrical field. An outline of rocks that had been placed in a pyramid reduced an electric discharge. Thus it had powerful defensive properties by decreasing an electric discharge and restricting its area. Ukrainian Pyramid Research and Implications Many people have heard about the sharpening of razor blades using model pyramids. This was discovered back in the 1960’s by a Czech scientist and was popularized to the west in the book called “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain”. It was thought that if you place a razor blade in a miniature pyramid, it would stay sharpened longer and even sharpen. The effect that produced this was called “Pyramid Power”. Many believed the pyramid generated an unknown field or force that caused these phenomena. Also, it was thought that food would be preserved longer if placed in a pyramid. This theory was tested by Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, a theoretical physicist from Ukraine and a member of the Institute of Physics. To test this theory, Dr. K placed razor blades from 4 different companies in a resonator made of two identical rectangular plates of organic glass. One plate faced the West and the other the East. Thus it was a prototype of a pyramid. Blades were left in the resonator for 30 days. He than compared his results with a control group that was not placed in the pyramid using a scanning electron microscope. The results showed that there was a significant changing in the fine morphological structure of the test blades; the so-called “sharpening” of the cutting edge of the razor blades in fact took place in blades that were placed in the pyramid. Oil Production and Analysis A small group of pyramids were built on an oil well complex in southern Russia (Bashkiria). After a short period of time, it was observed that the viscosity (thickness) of the oil decreased by 30 % and the production rate of the wells increased. Chemical analysis showed that the petroleum composition (amount of gums, pyrobitumen and paraffin) in the oil was altered. Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas confirmed these results. Joe Parr, like early pyramid researchers, had discovered that strange physical phenomena happen inside any object in the shape of a pyramid. Other shapes such as cubes, octagons, and spheres do not experience the same phenomena. The pyramid shape has the potential to trap theoretical particles known as “mass particles”. Mass particles exhibit some properties of matter, such as inertia, but are not subject to quantum laws. When a pyramid traps mass particles, a bubble forms around the pyramid. This bubble is some kind of energy field that forms a shield to protect the mass particles. The reason why the pyramid captures mass particles is unknown, but we can measure this field and verify its existence. Thus, in hyperspace, the pyramid does not occupy the same physical space as before, but is now in another spatial dimension. To explain this briefly, we live in a three dimensional spatial world. It has length, width, and height. You can define the location of every object by its XYZ coordinates. Hyperspace would be a 4th spatial dimension. While not all scientists agree that the pyramid enters hyperspace, most admit that the results of Joe Parr’s experiments cannot be explained by conventional physics. Thus something unusual is going on. It must be made clear that any pyramid can have this bubble or energy around it because of its shape and ability to trap mass particles. In a resting pyramid, the energy field may not be very strong or measurable. So the purpose of Joe’s experimental set-up is to produce this bubble around a pyramid and increase its energy so it closes off to all known fields. Joe has measured this energy field in his lab using model pyramids for over 25 years and has made another astonishing observation. The pyramids energy field or bubble is ultra sensitive to the sun’s 11-year sunspot cycle. It appears that this field is strengthened by neutrino particles given off by the sun, which vary with the 11-year cycle. A French inventor, Antoine Bovis, in the 1930’s visited the Great Pyramid of Giza. In the King’s chamber, he noticed a dead cat and a mouse that happened some time before to enter the pyramid. He noticed these animals showed no signs of decay, and were in fact dehydrated and appeared mummified. Back in France, he decided to build some cardboard model pyramids and experiment. He realized orientation was important and oriented his model pyramids in the North South direction, exactly like the Great Pyramid. He placed a small stand under the pyramid one-third the way up, just like the location of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. He placed raw meat on this platform and left it for several days. During that time, it should have become rotten, but when he checked it, he noticed it was dehydrated without rotting. Thus we have one of the first modern experiments on pyramid power. On some statues and drawings of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, they can be seen holding long cylindrical rods in their hands. No one really knows for sure what these rods are or their purpose. Russian researchers Svetlana and Sergey Gorbunovy have researched old records and manuscripts and have reproduced what they believe these rods were originally made of and what their purpose was. The Rods they manufacture are hollow cylinders made of copper (for the right hand) and of zinc (for the left hand) with special fillings inserted for each type. Before being placed in the Rods, these fillings are placed for 12 days in the 22-meter Russian Pyramid. This supposedly provides molecular and energetic enhancement. Many people have used these Rods for medical and spiritual attunement and they are very popular in the alternative health fields in Russia. People have claimed that working with these Rods enhances memory, intuition, the immune system, and reduces stress and fatigue. This is a very unique product since it takes into account ancient Egypt and the effect of the Russian Pyramids. The common thread is that all these researchers have shown that the pyramid shape has tangible, and often measurable effect on humans, both physically and mentally. It is also known that people have claimed to have subjective beneficial effects by meditating under and near pyramid shapes. Also, some have claimed that pyramids can produce altered states of consciousness and out of the body experiences. These claims need to be carefully verified scientifically, but it appears that this is almost a universal phenomenon, and it seems likely that the ancients were aware of this effect. There are several important large contemporary pyramid structures that have been built around the world. One of the largest and most interesting is the one at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India, which just opened in November of 2002. This very large pyramid was constructed specifically for meditation purposes. It can hold over 5000 people, and it was designed by an Indian mystic and spiritual teacher, known as Osho who died in the 1990’s and gave instructions for it to be built after his death. He wanted this building constructed especially to be used for meditation purposes. It is very interesting that many spiritual teachers and mystics from India have always acknowledged the power of the pyramid shape for meditation. This is the largest complex in the world today constructed specifically for meditation. This pyramid is approximately 9 stories high (about 40m) and is composed of steel and concrete. It took about 4 years to complete.


Below the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune India





                                                             The Meditation Halls at the Osho Commune to

                                                            duplicate the three pyramids at the Giza Plateau

osho_international_meditation_center_pune 2

Since Pyramid Power in modern times was first observed and studied in the 1930’s, researchers continue to the present day to learn more about this mysterious energy. Maybe it is not as mysterious as before, since science is having success in quantifying and identifying its inherent energies. We do not have the absolute answer to what it is yet, but I think we are coming ever closer. With the continuing work of the Russian and Ukrainian researchers, more is bound to be revealed. So, we can see that Pyramids have been used in many different ways throughout recorded times. Also, we have been moving to a more scientific approach to studying the effect of pyramids using modern technology to unravel their mysteries. Throughout history, mountains, monuments, elevated places, known as “High Places” have usually been associated with God and his revelation to man. Moses, for example, received the laws on a mountain from God. Hammurabi also received the Code of Hammurabi from God on a mountain. The tower of Babel was built to reach heaven. Legend has it that there was a mountain in the center of Atlantis that reached up to heaven. We build cathedrals and churches that are structurally very high to symbolize our reaching up to heaven. The Great Pyramid is one of the highest structures in the world today and was the highest one in ancient times perhaps another stepping stone to God. One thing that has always fascinated me is that many people who have spent time in the King’s Chamber alone have reported paranormal and psychic experiences. Some manifest as out of the body experiences, others hear noises and see visions, etc. An interesting book quoted by many researchers is A Search In Secret Egypt by Paul Brunton. It was published in 1936 and I found a copy at a used bookstore. He describes a fascinating out of the body experience during the night he spent alone in the King’s Chamber. This might be dismissed easily as fantasy, but the reports of this type of experience are quite frequent by many credible researchers. The experiences are varied and I personally know some researchers who have told me about their paranormal experiences in the King’s Chamber.


                                                                         Position of the Kings chamber

kings chamber 1



                                                                                  Inside the chamber

kings chamber 2

Now the Great Pyramid is mostly built of limestone, but the King’s Chamber is constructed of Granite. Paul Devereux, author of the book Places of Power, measured the radioactivity levels in the King’s Chamber and found there to be a significantly higher count than in the desert. Something increases the radioactive level in this chamber. This would be consistent with claims of paranormal phenomena in this location. It is interesting to note that he also points out that some of the ancient megalithic structures also have high radioactive levels. Were these sites built in these specific areas because there was already a high level of radioactivity there? Or was there a high level of paranormal phenomena noticed in a certain area and that is why that site was chosen to build the structure? Paul Devereux states “Granite was spirit stone to the ancient Egyptians.” The King’s Chamber’s walls, ceiling, and floor are composed of 100 blocks of granite. The relieving chambers above are also composed of granite. Thus only this area of the pyramid is composed of granite and this is the exact location of experiences of paranormal phenomena. Devereux’s measurement of other Megalithic and ancient sites also shows that the radioactivity of these sites ranged between two to three times higher than their local environment. Devereux’s work therefore is very interesting and may shed some light on scientifically understanding paranormal phenomena. As you start to take the Pyramid Texts apart and look at specifics, it appears that it is describing some kind of space travel. Remember, the ancient Egyptian religion is based on the symbolism of the stars, and there are many examples of this in other ancient Egyptian writings as well, for example, the later Coffin texts and the Book of the Dead. Did some ancient civilization actually have the ability to travel into space, and they had a manual to describe and instruct for that? Is the ancient Egyptians’ religion based upon this manual for space travel, having lost what its true purpose was? Now the Great Pyramid plays a very important symbolic role in the ancient Egyptians’ religion. We have also noted that the orientation of the pyramid and the airshafts point to specific constellations and stars. The Egyptians believed that when the Pharaoh died, he traveled to the constellation Orion and became a star. This was where one entered the afterlife and the dwelling place of the soul. One of the airshafts in the Great Pyramid directly points to the constellation Orion. Another bit of speculation is that this manual may have been for travel in interdimensional worlds or the world of the dead or alternate states of consciousness. The Egyptians were fascinated with the world of the dead. Could it be something like “out of the body” experiences and thus they would need their body to remain alive and intact to return to it? This may have led to the religious belief in preserving the mummies body for eternity. The above speculation stretches credulity and would make good reading in a science fiction novel. But remember, most of what ancient people observed was considered miraculous or magical until the scientific laws were eventually discovered. There may be higher laws of physics still waiting to be discovered, ones which supersede our understanding. Also, there are certain types of electromagnetic energy that humans cannot directly perceive, but other animals can. Bees can see in the UV region of the spectrum, and Rattlesnakes can see in the Infrared regions. So is paranormal phenomena another type of energy that some can perceive while others cannot, and is it a sense that can be developed? This article was originally written by Chris Dunn Knowing that we can design an object to respond sympathetically with the earth’s vibration, how do we utilize that energy? How can we turn it into usable electricity? We must, first of all, understand what a transducer is. Early on we discussed the piezoelectric effect vibration has on quartz crystal. Alternately compressing and releasing the quartz produces electricity. Microphones and other modern electronic devices work on this principle. Speak into a microphone and the sound of your voice (mechanical vibration) is converted into electrical impulses. The reverse happens with a speaker where electrical impulses are converted into mechanical vibrations. It has also been speculated that quartz-bearing rock creates the phenomenon known as ball lightning. The quartz crystal is the transducer. It transforms one form of energy into another. Understanding the source of the energy and having the means to tap into it, all we need to do is convert the unlimited mechanical stresses therein into usable electricity utilizing quartz crystals! The Great Pyramid was a geomechanical power plant that responded sympathetically with the earth’s vibrations and converted that energy into electricity! They used the electricity to power their civilization,which included machine tools with which they shaped hard igneous rock. Ok, you may say, how does this power plant work? It’s all very well to throw out a broad statement like that which rationalizes your own theory on machining, but we need more facts and proof that what has been stated is more than an interesting and radical theory. It has to have more proof based on truth and fact! Well let’s start with the power crystal, or transducers. It so happens that the transducers for this power plant are an integral part of the construction that is designed to resonate in harmony with the pyramid itself, and also the earth. The King’s Chamber, in which a procession of visitors have noted unusual effects, and in which Tom Danley detected the infrasonic vibrations of the earth, is, in itself, a mighty transducer. In any machine there are devices that function to make the machine work. This machine was no different. Though the inner chambers and passages of the Great Pyramid seem to be devoid of what we would consider to be mechanical or electrical devices, there are devices still housed there that are similar in nature to mechanical devices created today. These devices could also be considered to be electrical devices in that they have the ability to convert or transduce mechanical energy into electrical energy. You might think of other examples, as the evidence becomes more apparent. The devices, which have resided inside the Great Pyramid since it was built, have not been recognized for what they truly were. Nevertheless, they were an integral part of this machine’s function. The granite out of which this chamber is constructed is an igneous rock containing silicon quartz crystals. This particular granite, which was brought from the Aswan Quarries, contains 55% or more quartz crystal. Dee Jay Nelson and David H. Coville see special significance in the stone the builders chose in building the King’s Chamber. They write: “This means that lining the King’s Chamber, for instance, are literally hundreds of tons of microscopic quartz particles. The particles are hexagonal, by-pyramidal or rhombohedral in shape. Rhomboid crystals are six-sided prisms with quadrangle sides that present a parallelogram on any of the six facets. This guarantees that embedded within the granite rock is a high percentage of quartz fragments whose surfaces, by the law of natural averages, are parallel on the upper and lower sides. Additionally, any slight plasticity of the granite aggregate would allow a ‘piezotension’ upon these parallel surfaces and cause an electromotive flow. The great mass of stone above the pyramid chambers presses downward by gravitational force upon the granite walls thereby converting them into perpetual electric generators. “…The inner chambers of the Great Pyramid have been generating electrical energy since their construction 46 centuries ago. A man within the King’s Chamber would thus come within a weak but definite induction field.” Possible Egyptian light bulbs below

lightbulb 1

lightbulb 2

Pyramid Research and Pyramid Research Projects by Patrick Flanagan, M.D., Ph.D. Having been experimenting and measuring bio-energy with the Neurophone and various other instruments described earlier, I began a series of intensive experiments on the shape of the Great Pyramid to see if I could discover its great secrets. I began by duplicating Bovis’ experiments with pyramids of various dimensions. Using Kirlian photography, GSR, voltage differential, and electrostatic fields, I was able to measure the differences of various pyramids and their effects on living organisms such as plants and people. The very first experiments were in the area of preserving hamburger meat, liver, eggs, and milk. The first experiments were very encouraging. It was strange to realize I had taken small pieces of cardboard and made a simple shape that could concentrate some sort of energy that would mummify food without any external power source. My controls all got so bad I had to throw them away. Bovis and Drbal had indicated in their reports that the energy was focused in the King’s Chamber level bout one third up from the base in the middle of the pyramid. Based on the fact that the Pyramid of Giza is the only pyramid in the world that is ventilated, I have also experimented with pyramids with windows in the sides. The windows are holes up to 1/3 of the base length in diameter. The holes do not detract from the function and seem to actually aid the processes going on inside the structure. The pyramids were made of various materials including cardboard, wood, plaster, Plexiglas, steel, copper, aluminium, cement and combinations of the above materials. The materials used did not affect the results very much, however the size and orientation was of primary importance. I at first believed the pyramid to work best when it was aligned to true north, however, after very careful research, I discovered the best alignment to be magnetic north, contrary to the alignment of the Great Pyramid. This leads me to believe the Great Pyramid was built at a time when the earth’s field was aligned to the polar axis. It is not unusual for the poles to shift. Growth of Plants A series of tests were run on the effects of pyramid treatments on the growth rate of plants. The test plants were alfalfa sprouts. I had some familiarity with sprouts as I had grown over 2500 pounds of them in the confines of my office! The sprouts were treated three different ways: 1. treatment of feed water; 2. direct treatment of the plant in the pyramid; 3. treatment of the seed in the pyramid. In all cases, identical tests were made in an identical volume cubic box as a control structure. In all cases, the pyramid treated plants grew 2 to 3 times as fast as the controls, were more healthy and lasted longer after harvest. One California grape farmer used my system on his irrigation system and his grape yield was 2-1/2 times the average yield of his neighbours and the California average. Animals No extensive tests have been conducted on animals at this time. There are however, three cases of interest. A friend of mine placed his pet cat in a pyramid once a day for 1/2 hour. The cat liked the pyramid and began to sleep in it. When the test was begun, the cat had been a voracious meat eater. After 6 weeks, the cat stopped eating meat and starved rather than eat meat. Subsequent tests indicated that the cat had changed his diet and would only eat fruit and vegetables, cheese and nuts. The animal became a vegetarian! He ate raw vegetables and fruits of all descriptions; canteloupe, avocado, oranges, and watermelon. Short Term Effects On Foods, Change of Taste During my original tests on mummification of foods, I used to taste the foods being treated to make sure they were really good. Although there was no sign of decay, I wanted to see how the food tasted as it was undergoing the process of mummification. I was in for a great surprise! Not only did the foods taste good, they tasted better than they did before they were placed in the structure! I began experimenting in earnest, and discovered that the pyramid could have an effect on the taste of food even when the food was treated for a surprisingly short duration. I was so impressed by this new discovery that I began a series of double blind tests on the change of taste in foods. I used several dozen people, and the test was conducted as follows: The foods were all taken from the same source, that is the foods tested were the same food divided in half so the control would be the same as the treated sample except for the treatment. The samples were then placed in paper cups with numbers on the bottoms. The cups were then divided and recorded in a master file. The ones chosen for the pyramid were then treated for five minutes in the pyramid. The pyramid used for the tests was the 6 inch base ventilated. The cups of food were then all mixed at random so no one knew which food was which. Taste tests were conducted and 40 out of 48 people chose the foods treated in the pyramid as being more to their liking. I like hundred percent results, so I interviewed the ones who missed on some of the foods and learned they were either heavy smokers or drinkers. Subsequent interviews with a licensed wine taster confirmed my suspicions that people with certain eating and drinking habits cannot distinguish taste very well. The foods tested were of all types; sweet, sour, various alcohols, fruits, and tobaccos. Bitter and sour foods lose their bite, they become milder. Sweet foods become sweeter. Coffee loses its bitterness and tastes as if it were acid free. Fruits increase in their qualities. Acid tasting pineapple loses its acid taste and becomes as sweet as fresh ripe pineapple picked right out of the field. Tobacco loses its harshness: Mexican black tobacco loses its harshness and tastes like mild choice Virginia. The most dramatic effects occurred on pipe tobacco, unfiltered cigarettes, and cigars. One of my associates smokes a very harsh unfiltered brand and uses a crystal type filter cigarette holder. When his cigarettes were treated in the pyramid, he noticed he did not have to change his filter crystal so often. Instead of changing it between every pack, he now has to change it after every three or four packs. People who had whole cartons of their brands treated with the pyramid came back wanting their new cigarettes treated because they could not stand the harsh taste of their normal brand after smoking pyramid treated cigarettes. Bananas and other perishables keep longer if they are treated in the pyramid for half an hour after they are purchased. Controls all turned bad in a short time, and the fruits treated in the pyramids kept fresh up to twice as long as the controls. Cut flowers take longer to die if they are placed in pyramid treated water. Speaking of water, tests were run on the taste of regular city water treated in the pyramid. The water used to water the plants. All people who made the tests noticed the pyramid water tasted fresher and had less of a chemical or chlorine taste than the water which was untreated. All research shown here has been taken from a book written by John DeSalvo, Ph.D., Director Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. The book is called “ The complete pyramid source book”

Here are some great links to youtube clips and videos talking more about pyramid meditation and their powers.

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A good all round documentary to watch on the Pyramids of Egypt is called ” The Pyramid Code ” By Dr. Carmen Boulter available on Gaiam Tv and Netflix, there is some information about it on this website:

There are said to exist 37 pyramids on the Crimean peninsula down southeast along the coast line. 7 underground pyramids – as claimed – were found by Dr.Gokh near Sebastopol(lat.44°36’14” N/33°33′ E).

We hope you have found this information enlightening and useful and we will endeavour to update any new research that we come across, thank you for taking the time out to use our website, love and peace from Kit and Sharon.


















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