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Year: 2015
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Here at Illumination studio I’ll be the first one to admit I love a good old Alien theory, it gets the mind working, although I don’t think all our ancient structures where built by our inter dimensional/space brothers and sisters. I’ve come to the conclusion after many years of research and study, there was highly advanced knowledge and engineering involved in Ancient Egypt, Turkey, Africa, South America, China, Bosnia, Russia, Tibet, Iraq, Iran, the UK and across Europe. It is possible that we had information shared with us many of thousands of years ago, you’ve only got to pay attention to the many sculptures of ancient astronauts and flying machines and the stories past down through many cultures, there’s even hints in ancient scriptures and the bible, there is always some truth past down through myth. I can’t deny the evidence of machine cuts and possible laser use in the construction of many of our ancient monuments, a lot of the Geometry in the statues of Egypt is far too perfect to have been hand manipulated by copper chisels, it just doesn’t add up or seem at all possible without laser precision and diamond tipped blades. The mountains near the Nasca lines seemed to have been literally cut off and the stone removed, to make a possible run way or landing pad ? Too many of these ancient structures defy logic and building techniques that we haven’t acquired to date, plus we still haven’t got cranes or the lifting ability to move some of these 100 tone stones. It is more than likely these stones were moved using sound vibration which science is beginning to achieve now on a smaller scale. In the stories of Atlantis and Lumeria there existed highly advanced technologies which caused their demise and eventual disappearance do to probable weather manipulation and miss use of this technology, it is very possible that before Atlantis fell some of the Atlantians managed to escape into various countries around the world such as Egypt, North America, South America, Tibet and India bringing their skills and knowledge with them. I truly believe we were once a very spiritually advanced being, understanding the hidden energies, magic ( science ) and Quantum physics. Also I believe we had the know how to turn stone to liquid and back to it’s solid form again, and maybe even advanced concrete making techniques that we still haven’t discovered today. I’m really not trying to convince any one to accept my opinions, merely to do some research on these subjects for yourself and to draw your own conclusions on evidence that is slowly coming out even though academics and science is try to suppress it. How is it possible we were once so very advanced ? And have seemed to have gone backwards instead of advancing for the greater good. There are many great minds working on these questions and coming up with great answers and theories such as Graham Hancock, Christopher Dunn, John Anthony West, Eric Von Daniken, Robert Duval, Andrew Collins and David Wilcock to name a few. I’m not discounting ancient alien knowledge and help, I just don’t think that mankind wasn’t capable of building these structures or even possible flight for themselves either, I’ll leave the decision up to you.

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