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Here at Illumination Studio we are proud to announce we had our first Pyramid Party and gave a talk on Ancient Pyramids and Russian Pyramid research at our friends Steve and Alli’s house in Pewsey. They opened their beautiful home to us and allowed us to set up three Pyramids for people to try out after our talk. We were lucky enough that some sound workers present who tone and sing mantras as well as playing drums and gongs who asked if they could sing, tone and play in a Pyramid to our delight. It really helped those who were present to understand what a Meditation Pyramid actually does, as you can’t see anything going on but you can certainly hear it.



Bea and David (The Bards of Avalon) began to sing inside the Pyramid, people sat around the Pyramid reported that it felt amplified and could really feel it vibrating the heart chakra, interesting enough when they sang outside I had a tuner ( for finding the key or note played or sung ) and I noticed when they toned outside the Pyramid it was in the key of F, but when they toned inside the Pyramid exactly the same key ( tone ) it actually changed to the Key of E, which was surprising because to the ear it sounded like exactly the same note. Even more surprising was when David used a toning bowl outside the Pyramid as it got to a certain volume it slightly distorted and sounded harsh, but when played inside the Pyramid at the same volume there was no distortion at all, it appeared to bring the distortion into harmony and sounded very pleasant indeed. Whilst Bea and David were toning inside the Pyramid they reported it was far easier to sing and hold a long note with hardly any effort.

Steve playing a Gong

steve cropped


Also interestingly enough Steve played a Shamanic drum and reported it far easier and more enjoyable to play inside than out, I also noticed as he played his Gong outside the Pyramid there was some distortion on certain frequencies, but again within the Pyramid there was no distortion and again sounded more harmonious, and may I add the Steve was a complete sceptic with the Pyramids until this moment, I will include his testimony at the end so you can hear from his perspective. I might add I have worked and recorded with music and sound for over 30 years and have never come across such a thing ( distortion being brought into harmony ) and I can’t wait to start using a Pyramid in my next recording sessions. Using the Pyramid with sound is a far easier way to show what a Pyramid does as you can’t actually see it but you can definitely hear it, we were so pleased that Bea and David asked if the could sing and tone and David and Steve played drums, gongs and bowls, it actually helped everyone in the room including myself see that the Pyramid brings harmony within it’s space, including whoever is sat in it, so with continued use the health benefits would be and are amazing, proving that the Pyramid promotes Health, Happiness and Harmony, so obviously I don’t expect anyone to take my word for it, you need to try one out for yourself with sound and meditation, you can even sleep in one or just sit and read if you don’t meditate to feel it’s benefits. So it is with great thanks and love to Bea, David and Steve and Alli for helping us show how a Pyramid works, and again thank you to all the lovely people that came and listened to our talk, it was truly an amazing day.

Thank you all with love from Kit and Sharon.

The Wonderful Bards of Avalon, Bea and David



Steve’s (once a sceptic) testimony

“Just another regular day in Pewsey. Just another day in paradise. Just another day enjoying a lovefest! This time however it was an education in discovering the power of pyramids. So, I began the day as a sceptic. I had meditated in a pyramid shaped shed before and it didn’t appear to amplify any experience, so I couldn’t see how these sideless little structures were going to do anything exciting. The introduction was theory based. This was a good start, something to get my head around, it covered the principles of sacred geometry, and how the golden mean ratio had been used to get the optimum angles in the apparatus. Apparently metallic structures work best when a side of the pyramid faces magnetic North, whereas structures made with non-metallic substances work best with a side facing true North. Some historic esoteric details surrounding the purpose of ancient pyramidal edifices were also woven into the introduction, which nicely stirred the mysticism in me, but it would take more than that to move me, to convince me that they held some kind of special power or purpose, I wanted some experiential evidence, some kind of repeatable experiment. So then we duly experimented. Our experiments primarily involved the use of sound, and fortunately someone just had the equipment to be able to register pitch. First Bea and David toned from outside the pyramids to people sat inside, and then from sat inside to people standing outside. From this we determined that the pitch outside the pyramid was lower than when inside and that the toning when outside created an amorphous field that worked upon the auric field, whereas from inside the toning became stronger, and penetrative, this time going through the aura and working upon the chakra system. The use of gongs and drumming also demonstrated a change in pitch from outside the pyramid compared when played within, and when sat inside the pyramid it was noticeable that greater length of time one sits inside, the more powerful experiences within there are felt. The predominant descriptive used of the power of the pyramids we experimented with was “Harmonising”. So having heard evidence, seen evidence and felt evidence, my scepticism was scotched. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can read about all the info in one place which has been gathered together for you by Kit and Sharon on their website, and Kit and Sharon Austin are open to demonstrating these structures (with a little talk alongside) if you contact them. These lovely people have had pyramids manufactured specifically to the sacred geometries, and they have different sizes that you may purchase from them. The next experiment that we are all eager to witness is that which may be captured by Kirlian photography, when healing energies are used in and outside the structures. And last but not least, thank you to everyone who contributed to such a joyful, fun, and love-filled day.”

Some pictures from the rest of the day




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