Long Lastin’ Good Vibrations Podcast Round 3

No stranger to Good Vibrations, conscious music producer and spiritual activist Kit Glover, aka Long Lastin’, is back to mark the launch of his long-awaited album ‘Illumi Nation’, released through his own recently-formed Illumination Studios set-up.

It’s a concept album, taking vocal samples relating to all manner of subjects from the truth/ consciousness/ conspiracy fields, and setting them to new, original beats. The result, he explains, is designed to convey vital information in convenient, easily-digestible form, to those new to the subjects, as well as those more well-versed who would benefit from a recap. We discuss his process of choosing subject areas to focus on, and spent some time reflecting on the overall properties of sound vibration, and its ability to affect the brain-wave states and emotions of the listener depending on the frequencies involved. The podcast also features a handful of the key tracks.

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  1. kit says:

    Thank you .I’ve only just started

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