About Kit

I’ve been raised with love, taught with love, love is all I know and have to give, I treat everybody the same as I would my own mother. Because i’m 6 foot threee I’m some times called Longers by my friends, i’m also known as Long Lastin’ in the Hip Hop bizz. I have a passion for music, trees and people, I’m a lightworker sharing love, good vibrations and information to help aid the rise of global consciousness, plus I’m a dedicated father to my beautiful daughter Georgia, I beleive in love n peace and always help others as much as humanly possible, I’m a hip hop hippie at heart .

“Born in London, the son of hippy parents, his father was the photographer for the book, ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.’ In fact he remembers the authors visiting his childhood home and writing some of it there. Initially making a name for himself as far back as the early-to-mid-‘80s as a professional break-dancer, Long Lastin’ later turned his hand to production and was almost instantly sought after by the major players in the music biz. However, disillusioned with what he witnessed upon entering this world, he pretty much turned his back on it from day one. Now recording independently, he talks about his forthcoming album which’ll concentrate on subjects such as HAARP as well as ancient alien theories. The aim?… to alert the less aware of us in society to important but suppressed knowledge and areas of research” – Matt Sergiou, Conspiro Media


About Sharon

I am inspired and inspiring, passionate about people, especially our young and the trappings and seeming limitations of our world and society that keep us away from our true selves and amazing potential.

I live my life providing support and acceptance to all I meet and work with. The services and support I offer are for anyone interested in a deeper meaning to life. I have been working in the area of energy medicine and dedicated to my spiritual journey and development since 2003  As a Reiki Master/teacher, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Spiritual counsellor, intuitive and long distant healer I can provide a variety of tailored healing services and/or help you create bespoke services or ceremonies for your personal needs.

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About this site

We are truly happy that you've found this website. Times are changing as the consciousness of humanity is refining and re-birthing. The call to serve, to heal, to evolve is now an insistent knowing for many millions. We believe that there will be something on this website that will empower you, something that will give you a moment of clarity, or you will find the answers that you've been seeking.

On this website you will definitely find a lot of love, acceptance and allowing. In other words, feel free to be yourself. There is no judgement here. Everything is posted with love and with the highest and best of intentions.