Monthly Archive: April 2015

Holders of the Light is a track off the illumi nation LP which explains what the word illuminati means, what their hidden agenda is, broken down into the spoken word over hip hop music into … Read More »

“What we plant in our sunconsciuos mind and nourish with repetitioand emotion will one day become a reality.” Earl Nightingale Is your Emotional baggage blocking you from finding a loving relationship, a successful career or … Read More »


About this site

We are truly happy that you've found this website. Times are changing as the consciousness of humanity is refining and re-birthing. The call to serve, to heal, to evolve is now an insistent knowing for many millions. We believe that there will be something on this website that will empower you, something that will give you a moment of clarity, or you will find the answers that you've been seeking.

On this website you will definitely find a lot of love, acceptance and allowing. In other words, feel free to be yourself. There is no judgement here. Everything is posted with love and with the highest and best of intentions.